Federica Miani, tailored mannequin, Hairdresser with a wig

My name is Federica Miani. I am a freelance makeup artist and beauty consultant currently based in Trieste, Italy.

The time at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice was the essential school of life for me: my studies in Costume Design have given me amazing experiences that have shaped my character and the way I relate to the working world.

In 2012, still a student, I started my career as a costume designer winning numerous competitions.

Federica Miani with Jack Sparrow cosplayer Louis Guglielmero

At the same time I began my makeup studies, graduating at the Crisam Professional Makeup Academy (Verona) which paved my way in the world of makeup.

Since 2013, in fact, I’ve been working as a makeup artist and hairdresser in film sets, commercials and events, often distinguishing myself thanks to my dynamism and my attention to details.

A noteworthy experience is my participation at the International Contest “The next level of Cosplay” at the Cinema Makeup School of Los Angeles in 2014 where I qualified among the top 5 finalists.

opera singers on stage, Federica Miani costumes

One of the events that shaped me the most was my success in September 2015 at the First Dutch Opera Design Award produced by the Ducht National Opera.

Flying to Amsterdam, spending two months in close contact with international professionals has been an honour and, of course, a source of great satisfaction.

Federica Miani sul set di un film

Over the years I have collected wonderful work experiences: as being part of the team of the makeup artists for the wedding of George Clooney or participating in nation wide advertising campaigns of international companies (Samsonite, Illy, Loacker), up to the movie sets of films and tv series such as “Il ragazzo invisibile” and “La porta rossa”.

In 2019 I held the position of Beauty Expert for Dolomia, an Italian brand of Makeup and Skincare, a role that allowed me to develop my already strong predisposition for beauty counseling and personalized teaching of makeup and self-care.

Luca Savino Photography - Trucco e acconciatura: Federica Miani

Over the years I have successfully specialized in bridal makeup and hairstyle. It is precisely in this area that my ability to listen to the wishes of my customers and to understand what they need is best expressed. In fact, empathy is, for me, one of the essential characteristics of my job.

I currently continue my career as a freelancer, carrying out a vast number of activities activities and plans.

To pass on my knowledge and my passion to new aspiring Makeup Artists is my gratest mission. This is reflected in the various courses and workshops that I hold in collaboration with companies and associations active in my territory.